M5 Junctions 8-14: Communications Infrastructure Upgrade

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Highways Agency
2001 - 2003 - West Midlands
Solution : Project Works

The Highways Agency required the construction of a communication upgrade around other major schemes on the same network.

Bouygues Energies & Services provided a 54km ducted infrastructure on the M5 Junctions 8 to 14, including the construction of two half size transmission stations, reinforced retaining structure, safety fencing and the associated cabling terminations and testing.  

  • Provided an alternative solution of fixing ducts to the underside  of the bridge beams thus negating the requirement of the BRP panels, reducing costs and alleviating time restrictions.
  • Introduced automated traffic management wicket boards which could be triggered remotely, thus reducing the risk to the operatives and increasing our working window.


Benefits for Client

  • Phased programme of works around the other major schemes.
  • Provided a common trench arrangement for both the BT infrastructure and the HA, whilst segregating the ducts at their own inspection chambers.
  • Provided a traffic management programme to facilitate the works.