The National Archives: Hard Facility Management

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The National Archives
2009 - 2015 - Kew, South West London
Sector : Energy
Solution : Hard FM
The National Archives
The National Archives

Bouygues Energies & Services provides the following services to an estate of 65,000m2:

  • M&E and fabric maintenance

  • Close temperature controls

  • VESDA & smoke detection

  • Generator and UPS maintenance

  • Portering

  • Mail room management

  • Pest control

  • Reprographics

  • Waste management

  • Special projects

  • Computerised helpdesk

  • Grounds maintenance


Bouygues Energies & Services’s on-site team provides a 24/7 service to support the technical requirements of this Estate.

The overarching responsibility placed upon the site team is to maintain the repository environmental conditions to the correct parameters in order to ensure the stored documents remain in optimum condition. This is achieved through the fine balance of temperature and humidity control through the air supply and distribution systems which serve the 16 repositories.

In addition, the museum houses the Domesday Book and, here, the environment is very closely controlled via a case-mounted climate control unit.


Benefits for Client:


  • Consolidate the management and administration services of its FM partners in order to demonstrate and provide a one stop cost-effective solution for the TNA estates and facilities team. 

  • Project delivery in conjunction with the estates development team has been instrumental in achieving substantial reductions ( >17%) against government energy and carbon targets.

  • The introduction of CHP and change out of existing traditional cooling technology to turbocore chillers