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There are numerous energy challenges facing our customers today, with strategic issues ranging from increasing energy costs and legislation through to security of supply. These challenges require a multitude of differing solutions and expertise to ensure effective management, control and mitigation.

Our in-house professional teams and key supply chain partners provide advice, guidance and strategic overview for all aspects of carbon management. Project examples range from photo-voltaics, biomass boilers, heat pumps and optimised street lighting, through to complete energy retrofits and thermal/electrical infrastructure upgrades, extending through further innovation into our recently launched smart grid solution. Bouygues Energies & Services are also supply chain partners for the GLA RE:FIT Energy Services Framework


We provide capabilities ranging from strategic carbon planning, energy compliance, legislation and procurement, through to complex mechanical and electrical services and infrastructure design, installation and maintenance, each supported by a fully-funded and underwritten commercial option:


Carbon compliance

A complete suite of energy compliance solutions and key supply-chain support, covering areas such as the Carbon Reduction Commitment, energy performance certification and the implementation of ISO 500001 energy management systems.


Carbon advice
Technical and financial advice for all aspects of energy management, with expertise ranging from strategic carbon planning, energy audits and project management to grants/funding applications and behavioural / technical energy training.  


Carbon performance contracting

This energy service contract, offered with funding options, transfers the technical and financial risk across to Bouygues Energies & Services, providing our customers with a low risk route to carbon reduction and financial benefit. These open-book contracts work in parallel with the on-site facility management specialists, providing a staged approach to reducing energy consumption. Early-stage activity involves measurement, targeting, optimisation, training and behaviour change, with the next step being secured through Invest to Save energy projects.  


Procurement and bill validation

A complete range of energy procurement and bill validation solutions, ranging from complex procurement and cost mitigation strategies to cost recovery, budget planning, load management and investment appraisals.


Hypervision energy tool 

This is a control and measurement software tool delivering energy reduction through interrogation and analysis of fuel consumption profiles. These identify excess energy use, plant efficiency and future energy profiles. This information, when coupled with our energy focused maintenance plan, provides an holistic approach, driving culture change, ownership and positive technical engagement.


Smart Grid solutions
We supply, install and commission Smart Grid systems, with energy optimisation and generation, central to the core solution. Our Smart Grid offer ranges from simple utilisation and sell back of on-site electrical generation, to a STOR (Short Term Operating Reserve) offer, providing comprehensive infrastructure upgrades, energy storage and major grid generation. 


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